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Aba Annotated Franchise Agreement

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The more marketable your franchise system is in different geographies, the more likely your franchise is to succeed. Some franchise concepts don`t work as well in some geographies as they do in others. It`s important to understand how marketable your franchise concept is and what geographies cater to your franchise concept. This market analysis would help you maximize the potential of your franchise system in the geographies where your franchise would operate. As a law firm with extensive experience in both procedural and franchise law, we are uniquely qualified to represent franchised clients before federal and land courts as well as in arbitration proceedings and mediations. Our firm represents clients in federal and regional courts across the country and in various alternative dispute resolution (ADR) forums in the United States, including AAA, JAMS, FranArb and the London Court of International Arbitration. Our franchise lawyers have served and are also available as neutral arbitrators and mediators. One of the keys to franchising is to teach franchisees how to replicate the way you run your business. The easier it is to teach a franchisee your good business practices, the faster that franchisee will be ready to use and the more the franchisee will be able to duplicate the success of your business. Potential franchisees want to know that your franchise concept has proven its worth. Success can be measured in many different ways, including the profitability of your business, the number of years you`ve operated your business, the number of units you`ve operated, the size of your business, and the strength and awareness of your brand.

The franchise agreement is the document that establishes the franchise relationship. This business relationship is characterized by the fact that a franchisee grants a franchisee a temporary or temporary right to use the franchisee`s system and trademarks for its business activities. In the absence of a “one-size-fits-all” model for establishing a franchise agreement, this indispensable resource provides a proven guide to the key themes covered by a well-crafted agreement and how the many considerations related to it can be carefully analyzed. Our franchise lawyers represent demanding professional clients in the acquisition of existing franchise systems when they enter the franchisee role and determine how to turn a struggling system or take an operating system to the next step. We advise on the valuation of assets and debt, the decision on what needs to be acquired and other aspects of decisive due diligence. We structure the agreements that allow our customers to successfully control and control these systems. At Einbinder & Dunn, we advise franchisees on transaction and dispute resolution. Our firm has a long history of representing both franchisees and franchisees, allowing us to anticipate problems and offer more comprehensive solutions that bring short- and long-term benefits. We offer franchisees an equally wide range of services: helping single and multi-entity operators acquire and sell franchises and territories; SDD audit; the review and negotiation of franchise agreements, multi-family and land use planning agreements, leases and other contracts; creation of business units; and when creating and representing franchisee associations.

At Eininder & Dunn, our experienced approach to international franchising has been developed through decades of practice for franchisees and franchisees, as well as collaboration with lawyers and clients around the world. . . .