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Autor Agreement

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If you want to keep it as simple as possible, write to your publisher to ask if you can have an author`s agreement stating that the publishing house will be granted “non-exclusive rights” so that you have the exclusive rights. A typical sentence of such an author`s agreement might be: “The author grants [the publisher] a free, non-exclusive right to publish and pay tribute to the articles in all forms of media.” Typically, these agreements define how to credit the publisher for the first post on future shares or changes. Here is an example of an agreement for which the above question has been successful: discussion of unpublished works: manuscripts are sent for verification provided that all unpublished data cited therein are properly credited and that the corresponding permission has been obtained. Where licensed data is cited, authors must, at the time of filing, provide written assurance that they comply with the authors` data licensing agreements. We are aware that some authors may be bound by confidentiality agreements. In such cases, the editorial team will continue its research and may, at its discretion, ask authors to indicate in the online version rather than the disaggregated disclosure: “Authors state that they are bound by confidentiality agreements that prevent them from disclosing their financial interests in this work.” With a few exceptions (see Cartton`s Copyright Directive), you have the rights to your work protected by copyright until you sign a contract that says otherwise. For scientists, this usually happens when a publishing house accepts a work for publication and sends an author`s agreement to the scientist.