Unf Services Agreement

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The Contractor shall provide photography and/or videography services to the NFU and the NFU shall retain all rights and privileges of the work product. (Last updated on 18.05.2018) The university is subject to the Florida Public Records Act, §119, Fla. Florida`s Public Records Act limits the university`s ability to maintain the confidentiality of agreements and other data that is not trade secrets. The University will not be responsible for the disclosure of agreements, related materials, correspondence, or other materials to any third party if the University determines, in its reasonable discretion, that such disclosure is required under Florida`s Public Records Act, provided that, however, with respect to records marked as confidential, the University endeavors to inform the seller five days in advance in writing of the planned publication of these documents. inform. No waiver by the University of any breach by Seller of the terms of an order or agreement shall in any way be construed as a waiver of any future breach or exclude the Right of the University to insist on strict compliance with the provisions of this Order or the Agreement. The University reserves the right to terminate orders or agreements, in whole or in part, at any time if it is in the best interest of the University without penalty or reason. Upon receipt of written notice, Seller will immediately notify all work as stated in the notice, inform all subcontractors of the effective date of termination, and minimize any additional costs to the University. Upon termination under this provision, all documents, data and reports prepared by the Seller will become the property of the University and will be handed over to it. Seller is entitled to fair and equitable compensation for Work in Progress, Completed Work and Accepted Materials Accepted Prior to the Effective Date of Termination. This indemnity is Seller`s sole remedy against the University in the event of termination under this provision.

Seller acknowledges and agrees that receiving fair and equitable compensation for Work in Progress, Completed Work and Materials Accepted for Convenience Prior to the Effective Date of Termination constitutes fair and reasonable consideration and reciprocity of the obligation. Each Seller is obliged to keep the University free and free of any privilege claimed by any natural or legal person for any reason whatsoever arising from the provision of services or materials by or to the Seller. In addition to the general conditions of the University, the following provisions apply to tendering procedures and financial agreements/transactions that may result from this procedure. Failure to provide a valid signature confirming the provisions required by this clause will result in the rejection of the submitted proposal and, if applicable, the resulting agreement. Signing the certification with a false declaration invalidates the proposal and, if applicable, the resulting agreement. Any resulting agreement may be subject to remedies provided for by law. The Provider undertakes to offer the University only the services and / or material specified and authorized in the resulting agreements. As part of an offer, the University assumes that the sellers` responses to a bid will remain in effect for a period of 180 days after the opening date in order to have time for the evaluation, approval and award of the contract.

Any seller who does not agree with this condition must explicitly inform the University in its proposal of such rejection, as well as any alternatives proposed. The University may accept or reject the proposed alternatives without further notice or explanation. NFU`s preferred payment method is the Funding Card (PCard) or ACH/Direct Deposit. Payment by PCard is the fastest payment method, with payment being made upon ordering or shipping. For payments by ACH or check, unless otherwise stated or agreed, the University will transfer payment from the seller within 40 days of receipt of an acceptable invoice, inspection and acceptance of the goods and/or services. The University may at any time, by written order to the Seller, require the Seller to cease all or part of the work required in an order or agreement for a period of 90 days after delivery of the order to the Seller and for any other period to which the parties may agree. The order must be expressly marked as a work stoppage order issued in accordance with this provision. Upon receipt of the order, the Seller must immediately comply with its conditions and take all reasonable measures to minimize the costs attributable to the work covered by the Order during the period of interruption of the work.

If a Stop Work order placed under this provision is cancelled or if the period of the order or renewal expires, the Seller will resume work. The University will make an appropriate adjustment to the delivery schedule or price of the order or contract, or both, and the order or agreement will be amended accordingly in writing. Travel expenses will only be reimbursed to the Seller if an order, contract or academic agreement provides that the Seller`s service fee is not global and that the University will fund such travel in addition to the Seller`s expenses. If the trip is refundable, the seller undertakes to complete a travel authorization form prior to travel and to charge all travel expenses in accordance with § 112.061, Fla. Stat. No travel expenses will be paid to or for the benefit of any person in excess of the amount authorized under section 112.061, Florida. University of North Florida officials say this is the first such deal signed with a state college in Florida. Florida Gateway College already has a 2 plus 2 agreement with the Jacksonville School to accept AA graduates into their undergraduate programs. No commercial practice, prior course of business or performance sequence under other agreements is part of an agreement resulting from the current offer; nor can such a commercial practice, such a prior course of business or such performance be used in the interpretation or interpretation of such an agreement resulting therefrom. Obligations arising from any appointment or agreement of the University that, by its nature, would survive the termination, expiration or termination of the Document.

The university is an institution of equal opportunities and, as such, encourages the use of small businesses, including women and small businesses belonging to minorities, in the provision of goods and services. .