Victorian Public Health Sector Multiple Enterprise Agreement

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5.2 An individual flexibility agreement may affect the impact of one or more of the following conditions of this Company Agreement: (iv) Vehicle allowances payable per kilometre for work-related journeys during the term of the Agreement are set out in Part 2 of Annex 2C. For the purposes of the NES, a shiftworker is an employee who is regularly deployed on Sundays and public holidays. (g) Modernize the agreement by developing and implementing common company agreement clauses in all Public Health Agreements in the State of Victoria, to the extent possible; and (c) the needs of the place of work or enterprise in which the employee is employed; 71.1 An employee may, with the consent of the employer, constitute working time during which the employee takes leave during normal working hours and works those hours at a later, mutually agreed time or at hours subsequent to the standard rate. (g) An agreement under this subsection shall not result in the employee`s remaining entitlement to paid annual leave being less than 4 weeks. (b) The employer and the employee agree on the period during which the employee has the right not to be available to participate in the work. In the absence of an agreement, the employee has the right to be absent from work for up to two (2) days per occasion. The casual employee is not entitled to a payment for the duration of the absence. Where an employee has exhausted all entitlements to paid leave/caregivers, the employee is entitled to take unpaid caregiver leave to provide care and assistance in the circumstances described in paragraphs (a) (ii), (iii) or (iv) of subsection 76.2. The employer and employee agree on the period. In the absence of an agreement, the employee is entitled to take up to two (2) days of leave for unpaid care per occasion.

(c) a written agreement between the parties; either an annual allowance at the rate prescribed in the table below is paid to all workers classified as assistants for food and domestic workers (pro rata for part-time workers, with the exception of casual workers and workers who are on leave without pay at the time the payment is due), recognizing the need to work flexibly and to carry out secondary and ancillary activities in several disciplines, roles and areas in the provision of food and domestic (and related) services. The rate of the multi-qualified allowance is fixed as follows: 62.1 By mutual agreement, the working time of a full-time employee may be carried out: b) If an adult trainee has been an employee of the employer for a period of at least six months immediately before entering the training contract, he will not suffer a reduction in his basic salary at the time of conclusion of the training contract. 79.3 If no agreement can be reached, the employee is entitled to take up to two days of leave without pay. 2.9 Head of Division means a person responsible for a department or section of the hospital or health service covered by this Agreement. 19.2 For dental assistants employed by the DHSV or Ballarat Health Service, the notice period may be shortened by mutual agreement. If a dismissed employee requests a shortened notice period, the employer will not unreasonably withhold consent. 29.4 Organizations participating in this system shall comply with all occupational health and safety requirements to ensure a safe work environment. This includes orientation processes and workplace monitoring. 17.1 A term employee is an employee who is hired on a regular full-time or part-time basis for a certain period of time and who is willing, willing and available to work the hours and hours that are mutually agreed upon or, in the absence of an agreement, as prescribed by the employer at the time of hiring. 59.5 Normal weekly working hours shall be 38 or an average of 38 hours per week in two weeks or over a period of four weeks or by mutual agreement in the case of an employee who works ten hours in shifts and which are either processed: (b) Any payment of a certain amount of paid annual leave shall be the subject of a separate agreement. (b) The provision of paragraph 67.5(a) may also be made in all cases where there is mutual agreement between the employer and the worker. (g) Dismissal means that due to changes in the operational requirements of the employer`s business, the employer no longer requires that the work of the employee concerned be performed by anyone.

(e) cooperation between the Parties to reduce the environmental impact of health services; (i) Full-time employees may purchase up to 8 weeks of additional leave per year and work between 44 and 51 weeks per year with the consent of the employer. The working and employment conditions of Victorian health care workers are generally defined in collective bargaining. Any company agreement requires the employment representative and the general meetings to draw up the minutes of the claims and discuss the negotiations. A damages log is a list of improvements – for example, salary increases, improvements in professional development leave, or better staffing that members want in their next agreement. ANMF industry agents, organizers, elected officials and sometimes union representatives will negotiate new agreements with employers. Epworth HealthCare is committed to the professional development of our nurses and has implemented coveted graduate programs. Epworth also offers a wide range of postgraduate training opportunities for healthcare workers in collaboration with leading universities. Each company agreement has an expiry date of up to four years after approval by the Fair Work Board. While any public health unit in Victoria is a full-fledged employer, there are many groups of workers (for example. Nurses and midwives or doctors) negotiate companies across the country, with the support of the Victorian hospital industry with the relevant unions. (c) the potential impact of the proposed amendment on workers on workload and other effects on occupational health and safety; (d) A worker who, from 11. June 2002 is employed in the public sector and modifies the shift allowance per pay period (fourteen days) on the basis of a historic agreement that goes beyond the right under these provisions, this right is maintained for the duration of this agreement.

26.6 At intervals of 12 months throughout the term of this Agreement, the parties shall take into account the membership numbers of HESTA and First State Super. The standard fund is the fund with the most employees as members of each health department at every 12-month interval while offering a MySuper product. (a) Annual leave shall be taken at one or more periods agreed between the agreement of the employer and that of the employee. If an employee requests a period of annual leave, the agreement is not unreasonably refused by the employer. (a) where the payment of wages or other amounts due falls on a public holiday, until the end of that holiday; or It is a comprehensive agreement that excludes any attribution, workplace provision or other agreement previously applicable to employees covered by this Agreement. If the period during which an employee takes paid private or care leave includes a day or partial day that is a statutory holiday at the place where the employee resides for business purposes, the employee will be deemed not to be on paid personal/compassionate leave during that holiday. (i) Full-time employees may purchase up to 4 weeks of additional leave per year and work between 48 and 51 weeks per year with the consent of the employer. Approval belongs to the employer, who can legitimately take into account operational needs and work requirements. The agreement will not be unreasonably refused. (a) where a worker is entitled to a long period of service, such leave shall be granted by the employer within six months of the date on which entitlement is acquired, but recourse to such leave may be postponed to a date mutually agreed or determined by the Commission; provided that such a conclusion does not require that the leave begin before the expiry of a period of six months from the date of the finding. (b) The deliberations referred to in paragraph 7.4(a) shall take place within fourteen days or a longer mutually agreed period, unless such agreement is not unreasonably refused.

56.1 Sunset arrangements are only used if the patient/resident combination is appropriate for the purpose (including occupational health and safety considerations). 10.2 In order to facilitate the implementation of the above-mentioned initiatives, the Parties agree to establish a Working Group on the Service Delivery Partnership Plan (SDPPWG) within six months of the approval of the Agreement by the Commission. The role of the SDPPWG will be to discuss, implement and monitor progress in implementing the initiatives described in this clause. (d) An employee may take additional unpaid compassionate leave after consultation with the employer. (a) any risk to the health and safety of employees arising from overtime; (d) This agreement must be in writing and signed by the parties. The eligible employee must propose a preferred payment arrangement at least four weeks before the child`s expected date of birth or placement. In the absence of an agreement, this leave shall be paid during the normal salary periods corresponding to the duration of the leave. 75.1 Full-time employees may be granted additional annual leave with the consent of the employer. The working and employment conditions of public health workers in Victoria are usually determined by collective bargaining […].